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A Splice of Your Life!

Genome It All wants to ensure you have a thorough look into your genes to ensure you have enough information to make the right choices for YOU! 

We do not just include information on a few important Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), but  THOUSANDS of them, so you can see the whole picture. And we charge the same or less than our competitors who offer much less!

With Genome It All, You won't have to read to endless studies and try to interpret them, we have already done that for you! We personally have researched and narrowed down the studies of over 30,000 SNPs that are included on our genotype report. 

We also provide natural suggestions based off the results, if applicable. 

Order Your Genome It All Test Kit Now! 

For only $349.00 you get 5 different files with your genetic testing:

We will mail you a testing kit that uses a simple swab system, which is easy to use on infants or adults. 

Then return your kit to our certified lab and once your sample is completed, we will send:

You heard it right! Not only will you get a raw data file of your ~700,000 SNPs, you will also get a customized report on over 30,000 SNPs that have each been individually researched and broken down so that the results are easy to understand. We do not use a computer system to auto-generate results from a web based program that is available to the public. We have built our "Genome It All" report exclusively for our customers only! 

Our service also includes a break down report on: Vitamin Metabolism, Methylation, Detoxification  and Autoimmune Susceptibilities.  This report will help to tell you which forms of certain vitamins should work best for you based on your genetic results. It can also tell you if you have reduced detoxification in your environment and lifestyle. 

Heath Associations Report

We include an additional report that will highlight any carrier or pathogenic findings so that you can see any findings that might need immediate attention.  

You can get a review of your Genome It All Testing for $269.00. With this service, we will ask that you fill out a health intake form. We will then review your concerns and narrow down your Genome It All results based on those concerns. 

We provide a report that will show you the totals of results on each category and gene on your report. 

Raw Data

You will receive a raw data file with ~700,000 SNPs included. 

If you have been searching for answers to your health and lifestyle concerns and still need answers, then you have come to the right place! 

We ensure your privacy and will not share or sell your data!

Purchases in the United States: Shipping is included in the purchase price, which also includes return shipping to get your samples back to our lab. 

Purchases outside of the United States: Shipping is included in the purchase price to get our sample kit to you, however, return shipping  to get your samples back to our lab is NOT included as this typically requires a customs form to be completed.

We are currently running the latest generation GSA v3 chip from Illumina.

Turn around time 

Once we receive your results at our lab, there is a 3 to 4 (30 business days) week turn-around time. 

You will receive all 5 files/reports at the same time via the email address you provided with your purchase. 

If you have any problems or concerns, or you believe it has been past the 3-4 week time frame, please contact us.

COVID-19: Our lab is currently testing for COVID-19, which can delay reporting an additional week. 

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What you can expect to see on your report:

We Value Privacy

At Genome It All, we value your privacy! We will not sell or share your data. We also do not ask for any major identifiers, such as Social Security numbers. 

When purchasing a sample kit, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

If you would like 23andme Interpretation 

To order a report on over 175 SNPs 

 Price $69.00. 

You must already have 23andme raw data that can be emailed.

Please ensure your testing was completed before August 2017 to ensure all SNPs can be reported. 23andme's current Chip v5 lacks many SNPs that is needed. 

Turn around time can be around one week, but typically sooner.

See a list of Practitioners associated with Genome It All.


We also offer an option for ordering genetic testing that provides raw data that includes your results on ~700,000 SNPs only! With this option, you will NOT receive any additional reporting such as: Genotype, health, totals, or summary reports. 

You will only receive the raw data file in the form of a text document. 

Any sales or specials do not apply to purchases of raw data only!