Sample Reporting

All of the reports featured below come standard with Genome It All genetic testing.

Below is a sample page of our extensive genotype report.

This is just a small section to show you the layout and features of the custom research report.

Depending on your genotype results the report is typically over 900 pages long as it includes 30,000+ SNPs.

All of the information found on the report is taken from scientific research, however, it is not to be used for diagnosis purposes.

All recommendations are based off each individual SNP, all SNPs need to be looked at as a whole before determining the next step. You should seek medical advice before making any changes.

The report below is a sample of the "start here" report that also includes information on Vitamin Metabolism, Methylation, Autoimmune Susceptibilities and Detoxification.


The report below is another included file that breaks down the totals of categories and genes by genotype for reference.


A raw data file is provided with testing.

We also include a health association report that outlines any Pathologic findings or carrier status of pathologic findings.