Below you can find a list of Practitioners who are associated with Genome It All.

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Dr. Christina Barnes, Naturopath

Company: The Bodyguard


United States

New York

Dr. Dulin Terence, DC

Co-author of: Methylation Madness: Insight into Biochemical and Personal Lives of Hypermethylators

Address: 100 Conklin St, Farmingdale, NY 11735

Phone: (516) 293-5429


Dr. Su Fairchild, MD

Background: Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, Board Certified in Family Medicine

Active medical licenses in PA, VA, OH, TN.

Genome It All is listed on her recommended Labs for genetic testing at


Dr. Carol Matz, Naturopath

Company: Teammates for Life


Dr. Elizabeth Hesse Sheehan

Company: Experience Health Inc

Background: Wholistic Chiropractor, Certified Quantum Neurology Practitioner, and Certified Clinical Nutritionist.

Specialties: Trisomy 21/Down syndrome

Woodinville, Washington