About Us

How We Started

Genome It All was started to share genetic information to the world. The owner and head researcher for Genome It All had an interest in genetics for many years, researching in her spare time. She then decided to take that passion and attend college in health and genetics. She had been bed-ridden for 3 years and had gone to many doctors who diagnosed her with so many different problems, but she didn't get better. She kept researching until we finally figured out what started my decline, that is, certain SNPs that make her more prone to certain problems. Having this knowledge, she was able to make the proper changes and get her life back. "I soon grew a strong interest to learn more and I started on a protocol that was very strict, in 4 months I was working full time again. I then decided to go back to college so that I could become even more knowledgeable and continued to work full time as well."

A Natural Approach

The owner of Genome It All wanted to support a natural approach, whenever possible, for the suggestions included on the Custom Genome It All Report. She did her internship in Naturopathy, working closely with a Naturopathic Doctor. That is when she decided to start developing a genetic database to gather research findings.

Our Passion Is Helping Others

Our goal is helping others, especially those who are hopeless and want their life back .

Private Genetic Testing

Genome It All was created to give everyone an option for Private Genetic Testing. We are a small company with a small Lab, and we pride ourselves in keeping your genetic data private. There have been many concerns about the privacy of genetic testing and we wanted to offer an alternative option with the privacy everyone is looking for. We will not sell your personal data or information.

The Genome It All Custom report is very extensive, covering over 30,000 SNPs. We wanted to ensure that you will have more than enough information to determine your risks or susceptibilities. Our hope is that any person who orders our test will never have to order another test or report in the future. Many companies only provide reports on a small number of SNPs, and are charging as much or more as our company. We hope to provide an affordable option, making it easily accessible to anyone. If you have any questions about our genetic testing, please contact us at the email below, we will be happy to help.